You may be carrying a lot of responsibilities under your department or you are handling two roles at the same time, either way work gets chaotic if you don't categorize it well.

Tags serve as the categorizer. You can add tags for different types of todos or the urgency of that todo. Each tag allows you to add a color to it as well. Why? Because we think a colorful workspace can brighten up your day!

โš’ How Tags Work

๐Ÿท Add Tags

Still not sure how to categorize your work? We've prepared this short questionnaire to help you find out! Bloo's Developer team uses tags to identity the type of todo in their boards, for example, bugs, back-end, or UI. If you have some ideas in mind, here's how to create tags and assign colors to them.

๐Ÿ“Œ Filter by Tags

Tags can be filtered in the dropdown Filter icon. You can also filter the tags by just clicking on the tag on Board view.