▶️ API

Bloo API gives you access to integrate with your other daily productivity apps! It’s easy to use, and we know that sometimes you need multiple apps to run your project. Bloo API will give you just that, gaining an all-in-one app that will instantly boost your productivity. 

🛠️ How to use Bloo API 

To get started with API 

  • Click on your profile 
  • Underneath the profile, you will see the API tab! 

Once you've reached your API tab, you will need to generate your token. Bloo API experience is available through GraphQL. 

  • Once you’ve generated your token 
  • Enter the name for the token 
  • Set the expiration date or not 
  • You will receive a Secret ID and another token ID, and please keep that safe. 🔐

 ♟️ Playground

Now that you have generated your token — click on the  " ▶️ " button and try our Bloo API playground. 

  • Under your Query Variable – HTTP Headers 
  • Enter your Secret ID and Token ID that you saved earlier. 
  • To find your Company ID or Project, click on your URL. In our case, here’s the example, the Company and Project Name should look different on your side. 

To start integrating Bloo API click, “Copy Curl” and use it as an example. 📃

Access Bloo API Docs 📑

Our API docs and schema are built-in the playground itself, it is located on the right side of the playground! There's also a search option for you if you need to quickly look for any queries. You also have the option to download the schema as JSON or SDL! Have fun 😄

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