Bloo sidebar gives you the ultimate shortcut to different sections of your company. Click to the side of your project, and you will find everything you need with just a few tabs. 🖱🤫

On the sidebar, you can find Home, All activity, My todos, and Calendar tabs. It is on the top part of the sidebar, and this is a quick walkthrough of the page that you can also find a complete full guide. 

Top section 🔝

The Home tab gives you an overview of the company and projects that you have added in. Recent activities are updating in real-time and including the people that are in it as well. 

👀 If you click on “View all", you can see all the activities in the project that have happened while you were away. It will also lead to your next page, which is “All activity”! 

As for recent active people, you can see your team members and clients that are part of the projects. This feature will show you who is currently active on Bloo! 🟢

My Todo

Moving on to My Todos, here you can see all of your current todos that you were assigned to either by team members or yourself from the project! You can use this as a daily checklist for planning your week and prioritizing your tasks! ✅


🗓 Calendar tab gives you a full access overview of the company project that has a date, and it acts as a global calendar for you to jump in quickly and see which todo in the project is due soon!

Project Sidebar 🗂

Our project sidebar gives you easy access to all your projects anytime you want! You can create a new project instantly, or say if you have 100+ projects, you can easily just hit the search button! 

😉 Did you know that to organize your project? You can drag and reorder the project according to your priorities!

Project Folder 📁

Organize your project sidebar with folders! Start by creating a new folder and customize it by change color, rename, or re-arrange the order!
Drag and drop to add your projects into your folder. After organizing, click on the folder, and voilà your projects are looking cleaner than ever. 😉

Project Template 🗃

Projects template will appear here under the "Template" tab on the sidebar of your company. You can access it, and change the template for your next use! Keeping everything organized! 

Access your Archive 📦

Archive your project for when you think that you no longer need it. You can always go back and access or activate your archive project with the project sidebar! 

Resources 🙋♀️

Check out our resources for onboarding detail, or you need some tips & tricks to get started with Bloo, and we are always there to help you! 

Under resources, you will find 

  • 🎥 Videos tutorials - this will lead to our youtube link, where you can watch short video clips on how to use Bloo features. 
  • 🛣 Roadmaps - Check out our roadmap to see what's coming next on Bloo, maybe something in your request list is there! 
  • 🗒 Release note - Update every month because we do ship out new features every month. 😉
  • 🧑💻 Support - Hey, text us if you need any help or questions. 
  • 📖 Guide - Read our guide for more a deeper understanding of each feature. 
  • 📲 And, of course, how to get Bloo on your devices. 

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