🗳 Forms

Get fast responses through forms to help improve the quality of your product or company. Whether you want an opinion from your team members or creating a big project, you would probably want to study the market first. Forms allow you to conduct multiple surveys within Bloo, shareable forms, and team collaborations.😎 

Bloo builds the easiest method for forms. All submissions will be stored as a todo in a project through your todo list choice and, you can always go to your todos to check out all the responses collected for you to have easy access. 

🛠 How to create a form?

Go to form tab, click “Create Form.”

📹 Video Tutorial

🎨 Customize your form 

  • Change your form name to anything you like 
  • To Add todo field by dragging it to your form, to remove just hover on the form field and click remove. 
  • You can also change field labels as well as field placeholders 
  • Mark field as required to make sure that the section is essential.

  • Once you structure your form, choose your todo list to save 
  • You can also assign multiple team members that will automatically monitor the responses
  • Choose any color of the form to match your brand! You can choose your color by using the slider or enter your color code. 

  • You can also hide Bloo branding on the bottom, just click on the logo, and there will be an “❌” mark to remove. 

🧩 Need more fields?

Custom fields are supported in forms as well, just drag & drop the fields to any area you want. You can also change the name to fit your questionnaire. 🥰 (The changes will not affect your original custom field name on your Todo. ) 

Custom Field support 

  • Single line text
  • Multiple line text
  • Single select
  • Multiple Select
  • Check box
  • Star rating
  • Email 
  • Phone number
  • Number
  • Percentage
  • Currency 
  • URL 
  • Unique ID
  • Location

How to delete form?

Note that the deleted form cannot be recovered so please double-check when deciding to delete a form. 

👀 How to preview form?

Go to your form, click "Preview Form." Just to be careful and happy with your Form, before sending it off, you can also preview your Form and make all the necessary changes. 🚀🚀

🔗 To share form

Forms is public which means you can share your forms with anyone you want. Copy the form link and start sending it out to people! Once they've submitted their response it will go straight to the project board that you can easily access.  

🗂 Forms list

You see can all your created forms on the "Forms" tab. You can also sort out your form by the “title” of your form or by “last modified”. Keeping everything nice and clean. 

🧐 Forms permission

Project owners, admin, and team members across the projects can create forms the limitation of creating forms are clients, comments, or view-only access level. 

🤖 Forms Automation

Forms responses will go straight to your Todo list which is why automation on forms is essential, and you can set automation triggers on Todo list to be more effective on your project. 
For example:
"When a due date is changed, then move to another list." 
"When a todo is created, then assigned Ronald Richards"
Instead of assigning your team member every time you create a form,  use automation to automates your tasks. 

💽 Record the response 

All submissions are collected right on your board, and you can access, assigned members, add additional tags to continue your workflow. This will allow you and your team members to collaborate on different tasks/responses to increasing efficiency. 

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