🤗 People Management

It's important for a company to define who are the main stakeholders of a project and add them into Bloo. People are added into a project based on 5 roles


An Admin has full access to every action within a project. They can fully manage and has the authority to delete anything.


A Member can access all activities in a project, create todos, and create new projects, but cannot delete anything within the project.


This feature is specially designed for agencies you need to add their clients into a project for better collaboration. Clients only have access to the project they are added in and cannot create new projects.

👀 View Only

When you give View Only access, the person added can only view details in a project but they cannot edit or add new todos.

📤 Comment Only

With Comment Only access, members can only view and comment. 😎

🧐 Now you've added people in... What's Next?

📲 Automatic Email Invitations

Once people are added into the project, they will receive an email that allows them to accept the invitation.

📩 Pending Invitations

Pending Invitations to join a project will appear in the People Tab. From there, you can click resend the invitation (which will also extend the invite for a week) or delete the invitation.

👋 Leaving the Project

If you need to leave a project at any point, there's a small door on the right side of your name in People. Simply click that... but make sure you say goodbye. 🙂

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