🗄File Management

⚒ How Files Works

Grid View or List View

File's default is Grid View, but if you want to view all files in a list, the switch button is right on top!

🤟 Keep It All in One Place

Files uploaded in comments, discussions, and updates will show up here. You can sort them by date uploaded so you can easily find files you're looking for. 

⬇️ Download Files

If you want to download multiple files at the same time, hold "Shift" and select on the files you want to download, and simply right click and download. It also works for one file.

🔍 Preview Files

Perhaps you just want to take a peak at a document for a certain information you need, it may take longer to download the file just for that. In Bloo, you can "Right Click" on the file and select "Preview" to take a quick look.

📍 Locate Files

You can also trace back to where the file is originally uploaded by Right Click + Locate. 

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