✉️ Email to Introduce Bloo

Bloo works best when your entire team is on the platform, so there's no need to split conversations, todos, and file sharing across lost of different places.

To help you get your team on board and explain them the value of Bloo, we've made a customizable email template that you can send to your team to help them get started.


  1. Copy the email template (see below) and paste it into a new email in your email software.
  2. Remember to customize the placeholder text [that is in bold and square brackets like this.]
  3. Feel free to add any additional information to make it easier for your team to understand how and why you are going to be using Bloo.
  4. Remove anything that's not really useful or relevant for your team.
  5. Add everyone who'll you be emailing to their first Bloo project (so they'll have access to the platform right away)
  6. Send the email...and ask your team to give feedback and questions in Bloo! :)

✉️Email Template 

Hi team,

Hope everyone is doing well!

As some of you already know, we are going t be moving to Bloo for our project management, task management, and internal team communication. Bloo is an app where we can discuss things, share documents and files, and keep track of what's happening.

Why are we moving to Bloo?

We want to use the best collaboration tool possible to make our work easier, more transparent, and more productive. Having all our data and tasks in one place will help everyone stay on top of things without needing to jump around between emails, group chat, and a bunch of other software. You'll also have access to everything on the road with the iOS and Android apps.

Here's what Bloo can help us with:

  • Communicating transparently across the company
  • Providing greater visibility into what other teams are working on
  • Quicker feedback and better decision making
  • Easy access to information, documents, and files
  • Bringing all our tools into one place and shuffling less between different windows and systems

Get yourself set up:

1. Check your email, you'll have an invite to our first project. Click on the link in that email and you'll be set up in a couple of minutes. 

2. Feel free to download the Bloo apps for both desktop and mobile

3. Check out the Bloo Guide or see the quick learning videos.

Questions or feedback?

If you have any questions about Bloo or how we plan to use it, please post your questions on [Name of Project that you invited team members to the] project as a discussion. If you have a general question about Bloo, you can also reach out to their team at help@bloo.io

[Fill in with any other next steps if applicable.]


[Your Name]

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